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Try our incredible range of chlorophyll and chlorophyllin natural food colors that have supply chain transparency back to the field. Or choose from one of our expertly crafted blends using spirulina or carbon black. You can create a variety of shades, from pastel light greens that are perfect for mint flavors, or deep candy greens for green apple and watermelon flavors. Super stable to simple label – we have a wide range of greens to get the right shade for your application.


Chlorophyll and chlorophyllin extracts are vibrant green natural food colors that are available in oil and water-soluble forms. These colors are extracted from fescue grass that is grown in the UK and traceable back to the field in which it was grown. It is often stabilized with copper, which results in enhanced vibrancy and color shade. It can be used in a wide variety of confections such as lollies and gummies, as well as ice cream and pet food. Versions sourced from alfalfa are also available for use in citrus-based dry beverage mixes in the US.

Want to learn more about the differences between chlorophyll and chlorophyllin and the coppering process or which applications these colors work best in? Check out the article on our learning center or get started with a sample.




chlorophyll and chlorophyllin colors in gummies confections
chlorophyll and chlorophyllin in beverages
chlorophyll and chlorophyllin in ice cream, mint chocolate chip